Monday, September 17, 2012

Two weeks down

So I'm here in salt lake. We got a place and settling in a bit. I'm still job less and it's stressing me out. Oh well. Bigger post coming soon everyone.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So what's real and what's nonsense?

I've been doing this blog on and off since 2008... what a mess it has been.. I have always seemed to be part of a tragic cycle of unfinished projects, and I hate that.

All my life it seems I get to the finish line of something good, just stop because it seemed to expected of me to do well, or I thought it would be to hard to finish the product into which I really wanted, just to leave me morose and disappointed in myself.

I did something I've never really done though since my high school journaling days. I let someone read something I wrote, and they liked it. Soon I was challenged to write more often, write a serious blog. I have been writing a lot more, and I hope to share some exerts of short stories, novellas, or essays in which I've complied over the years ( I've been on and off writing since high school, 2003.)

So here is my disclaimer to the internet.
  • I have pretty good ideas, well sometimes. Please don't steal, and if you want to use, please credit me.
  • I am extremely prone to grammatical and spelling errors. Also most likely errors of any sort of context. I still have an MLA handbook and I'll gladly refer to it, and if you care to correct my mishap, please tell me in a civil manner.
  • This blog is aptly named, so please, excuse the nonsense.
Now that is over, I guess I'll get to a blog post....

What is real and what is nonsense?

I figure I must start out with my namesake. I remember taking this name mostly thinking I would be blogging about political banter, since after all it's practically proven that politics is complete nonsense, especially with the 2012 campaign cycle in full swing ( I love me some Obama, yet the issues that are the most important are, like always, getting sidelined, one reason I'm completely over politics.) But when my friend and I started talking about blogging again the idea of what to even write about started coming into my mind.... what is to separate anything i say into not being nonsense? Really, I'm a master of nothing. I work in retail management, I'm around things that are vintage, and some things built not even a year ago. I read the news, I listen to NPR, I love jcrew, yet all these things are simple elements that make me...well me. I can't wow you with awesome pictures of my outfits, I'm down right messy at times (even if I'm in jcrew and levi's.) My views on politics can tend to be utterly narrowed because let's face it, I'm a liberal living in Oklahoma City there's a lot of angst here for us.

The best I can do is be me. I can only offer what my mind can give, and at times that can be chaotic and completely pointless. yet, it's an outlet into what I have, which is a very over active imagination and unlimited stories, in which, I hope can be told.

I'll finish this off with a random page from a moleskin I have...
" How can one really be happy with the world in which we created? More people are getting divorced, more people are losing their houses, and more people are drugged up just so they can't even feel what this world really is.
Is this a sick twist on the end of the world, or are these the after effects of a stern horsemen who's plans are merely coming full circle?
 I don't know, but I'm pretty sure no one on this entire spinning space rock really knows what it could mean to ever really exist...well maybe not. Maybe some of us are still struggling to live, to find happiness. Not happiness that is provided by pills or by secluding ourselves from this world to protect out minds.
hell, maybe we're not supposed to find happiness. Life ought to be a little hard, yet I do believe the journey through this life is meant for us to strive for happiness, to endure though the bad times, and to be thankful for the good moments that make us realize this life isn't really that bad. Whether that simple moment is a kiss on a forehead, a smile from a stranger, or the most precious of caress from the most intimate of lover. "
I'll end with that, that goes with a piece I started to write back in 2008 about a girl who saw both the best of the light, and the darkest of the night.

Till next time,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rebooting in three, two, one....

Its time to start this again before my brain explodes. Prepare for utter nonsense.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New blogger outlook

Just testing this out, hope all is well, Folks.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy...wait, what?

So there is a ton of occupy craze right now. And honestly, I understand the most of it. of course, I am a democrat, I do consider my self a moderate who leans to the left in most cases, yet I have yet to see a great moment in time in which this movement has completely defined itself. Ff course, you have times when people like Keith Olbermann will get on his show and read off a list of points that seem to cement the ideas of the people of occupywallst, but even when those were announced I still was scratching my head wondering what was to really be done and what really is to be achieved by sitting in the front yards of corporation with billions in their pockets. As I see it, these people are lining the pockets of politicians that allow loose regulations and mishaps of bail outs to even exists. Don't get me wrong, I believe the protest are fair and just to have, and do believe that this is a way to motivate some sort of political change, but I can't just stop wondering to myself if I can go down there and just relax and drink a couple of IPA's down while playing on my iphone and say "fight the power, brah" and be considered a champion of the movement myself?

Yes, I took the cynical approach there, but can you blame me and the rest of the 99% who are actually confused on how to really mass a true political change in this country? I mean the Tea Party, to some success, was able to re stir some sort of libertarian type of movement, but in the end it was clearly funded by newscorp (as is OWS now seems to start being supported by and Mr. Soros.) So, I guess I'm just not sure if this all is just another step in a horrible waltz that we ought to call a New Americanism: hopes and dreams that we tend to forget about as soon as we see something shiny appear on our favorite media source. Or if, we should just keep advancing but instead of being quietly protesting mobs maybe become something different? not violent (even though we all know that can and will happen eventually) but maybe more like a civil rights movement of the sort?

I really don't know... I never really doubted things of OWS until NPR did an interview with people occupying DC. It talked to a young women who just graduated with a degree in history from a public institution and said corporations were to blame for her not having a job. I nearly turned my car around and drove it into a lake after hearing that. I have a degree in Political Science, I'm not much better off. I make an honest wage here in Oklahoma, I have student loans, a car payment, and a rent check to write out every month. I found something. Sometimes I feel our work ethic has degraded into something in which may be irreversible. I went to the 75th best university in our nation and I run a thrift store, hell, not even the top dog in it, and yet, I am happy.

After hearing that I just wasn't sure what some of those people are protesting for (I understand the corruption, the greed, the movement of jobs to other countries, but the history degree comment?!). I dug the hole I am in, I'll gladly cover myself up with the dirt or try my hardest to get back out. I thought that was the American way.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Maybe it will start again?

I had so many ideas swarming in my mind last night. All about blogging again. The donation/thrift world is crazy and I need to be able to do something more. Maybe this can be a safe outlet? Maybe....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's been way too long.

I really don't know why I just decided to call it a quits and stop all writing.
Maybe it was the World of Warcraft.
Maybe it was a sort of depression of the mind.
Maybe it's the fact I have an insanely busy job that gives me no time to even think to myself.
Or perhaps it's the fact I am single, lonely, and worried that I would only fill this space with mundane tributes to sadness.

Yeah, it's probably that last one mostly.

I'm starting to learn I can be overly upset about my life is, or I can figure out that the only way forward is one foot after another, and not closing my eyes and turning back.

Yeah I'm thinking that might be the way to.

I'm writing again. Not just here, yet in my overly cliche moleskin notebooks.
I work at a donation picksup service now, I love my job. Visit us here
it is a ton of work, yet I love it and do great work for the world.(or at least Oklahoma.)

Oh I'm 25 now.(Gross)

Oh I'm bantering (yeah, fuck you too)

I'm going to make something of this, let's just hope I acutally do it...maybe...

Be well,